Donating Stock to Corpus Christi House

Thank you for your support of Corpus Christi House.  Please follow these steps to ensure your donation is properly transferred.

  1. Contact your broker. Let him or her know of your intent to transfer stock to an account in Corpus Christi House’s name. Tell your broker the type of stock and number of shares you would like to transfer. Most brokers will also require that you submit a written confirmation letter authorizing the transfer to Corpus Christi House. Remind your broker to include your name with the stock transfer.
    • Transfer to Owner name/account title: Corpus Christi House, Inc.
    • ATTN: Chad Summervill
    • Account type: NPO
    • Account number: 9607-9926 (held with Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.)
    • DTC #: 0164, Code 40
  2. IMPORTANT: To ensure your gift is promptly recognized and acknowledged, please send a copy of the confirmation letter via mail or email:
    • Mail to: Corpus Christi House, 525 Americana Blvd, Boise, ID, 83702
    • Email to: giving (at)